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Software System Testing

After having implemented our Software Requirements, we need to make sure that all of them are covered by tests.

Let's test our software!

I suppose it's obvious that you need to test your software before you're going to use it on patients (right?). What's less clear is how you need to test it to be IEC 62304-compliant and what sort of documentation you need to create in the process.

We'll have a look at what the IEC 62304 requires you to do.

I'll also try to reduce your confusion when it comes to all test-related words which the 62304 uses, such as:
  • Verification
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Software system tests

I'll also briefly touch upon how your software system tests could end up as input to your risk management and how you could document anomalies in your software if you encounter them (believe me, you will).

We'll also look into hard-to-test things like SSL / HTTPS (how to automate this?) and configuration values (how do you check that Postgres is being used as a database?).

Finally, we'll write documentation for performing a test on the CrowdCovid application.