Writing a Software Development and Maintenance Plan

Let's write a Software Development and Maintenance Plan for CrowdCovid.

We start writing our first regulatory document. Exciting!

Let's go through the template for the Software Development and Maintenance Plan, talk about these things and fill them out while doing so:

  • Relevant processes: The processes you'll be using during your software development.
  • Programming languages: The programming languages your software is written in (and how to document them).
  • Development software: The development software you're planning to use, e.g. your IDE.
  • System requirements / target runtime: Where your code will be executed including hardware requirements for your server.
  • "Avoiding common software defects based on selected programming technology": How to come up with a reasoning to fulfil this 62304 requirement.
  • Configuration management and version control
  • Documentation activities
  • Verification activities
  • Software system test activities